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Academic tennis courts

Attraction type: Sport facilities
Address: 3-5 Nezabravka Str. in Boris' Garden Sofia
Phone: +359 887 500 529
Mobile: +359 887 500 514
Email: info@tennis-akademik.com

The tennis courts of Academic club are located in Boris’ Garden (Borisova Gradina) near Park-hotel Moskow. This is where the University tennis club Academic is preparing tennis players of all ages.

The coaching staff has a lot of personal gaming experiences and further training. They  provide quality training that increases strength, good sportsmanship and enjoyment of the game.

The tennis players preparation program aims to develop qualities and skills in players qualified through training and personal terms. All this delivered in an understandable way for young athletes. Physical, technical, strategic and psychological preparation helps each player to raise his game to the next competitive level.

Whatever goals you have established in tennis at the academy at the University Tennis Club “Academic” will offer you professional approach when making your first steps in tennis or when you want to improve your shots and strategy. These are qualities that will improve not only your sports form, but the quality of your life.

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