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Alexander Battenberg Mausoleum

Attraction type: Monuments
Address: 81 Vasil Levski Boulevard

Originally built in 1897 and designed by Swiss architect H. Meyer, the exterior of the single copper-domed building reflects the strong influences of European turn of the century architecture.

The Memorial Tomb of Alexander I of Battenberg (aka “Battenberg Mausoleum“) is located at Vasil Levski Boulevard in Sofia. This is the mausoleum and final resting place of Prince Alexander I of Bulgaria (1857–1893), the first Head of State of modern Bulgaria.

When Alexander died in exile in Graz, Austria in 1893, he was initially buried there. However, in accordance with his wish, his remains were transferred to the Bulgarian capital. He was given a state funeral attended by the new prince, Ferdinand of Bulgaria, Alexander’s widow Johanna Loisinger, and a great number of Bulgarians. Following a service in the St Nedelya Church his body was moved to the Church of St George and subsequently to the newly constructed mausoleum in the centre of the city.

The memorial was closed between 1947 – 1991 (the Communistic rule) . Nowadays it is reopened again for the public.