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Bulgarian Army Theater

Attraction type: Theater, Opera & Ballet
Address: 98 G.S. Rakovski Str, Sofia
Phone: 00359 987 23 03
Mobile: 359 2 987 29 56
Email: tba@art.bg

The Bulgarian Army Theater is located at the center of Sofia, on G.S. Rakovski Str. (the street is also known as Rakovska). The theater has two halls. The main hall is with 500 seats and a smaller underground hall with 60 seats.

The Bulgarian Army Theater is located near the Military Club and right on the other side of the street of Crystal Garden and the Stefan Stambolov monument. Rakovska Str. Is known among the locals as the Theaters street. There are many theaters that are located on this street, as well as the Nationals opera and ballet and the National Academy for theater and movie atrs.

Theatre Bulgarian Army has retained its former name, but is a repertoire theatre managed by the Ministry of Culture. Its current poster includes 15 spectacular shows. The company members are famous theatre and film stars. The modern interpretation of classic and contemporary drama is part of the theatre’s artistic ambitions. It includes coming to stage of new authors and plays. The performances are in the spectrum of different genre forms and stylistic approaches. The audience could attend a classical drama, a modern dance, commedia dell arte improvisations or a thriller of interactive dialogue between actors and audience.