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Bulgarian National Bank (BNB)

Attraction type: Government buildings
Address: 1 Knyaz Alexander І Sq., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: 00359 (2) 91459
Fax: 00359 (2) 980-24-25
Email: press_office@bnbank.org
Work time:

Monday - Friday
08:30 - 17:00
Working with customers
08:30 - 15:45

The Bulgarian National Bank is one of the oldest national institutions established right after the restoration of the Bulgarian state, on January 25, 1879, and on 6 of June of the same year the first banking operation was conducted.

The BNB is an independent issuing institution of the State reporting to the National Assembly. It plays a key role in the Bulgarian economy and takes care of maintaining the stability of the Bulgarian currency, and of strengthening and development of the banking and credit system in the country.

The Bulgaran National Bank’s major objective is to maintain price stability by ensuring the stability of the national currency. The Bank supports the creation and functioning of efficient payment systems and exerts oversight over these. It is the only issuing institution in Bulgaria and maintains the cash cycle. Bulgarian National Bank regulates and supervises the other banks’ activities in this country for the purpose of ensuring the stability of the banking system and protecting depositors’ interests. The Bank carries out research work, compiles, aggregates and analyses statistical data.