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Doctors monument

Attraction type: Monuments
Address: Doctor's garden behind the National Library

Built and dedicated to medics who died in the Russian-Turkish War of 1878. Located behind the National Library and opposite the Sofia University in a beautiful garden park where there are archaeological remains of the necropolis, located here or around parliament.

As early as 1878 the fund-raising campaign started, and the monument itself was designed by the architects Antoniy Tomishko and Luigi Farabosco and built in 1882-1884.

The four-sided plinth bears the names of 531 doctors and nurses. The four sides of the sarcophagus on top of it list the four largest battles of the war – Pleven, Plovdiv, Shipka and Mechka.

The Doctors’ Garden may be small, but the locals love it. You can see this at the south entrance where there is a sign erected by the “Friends of Doctors’ Garden” committee, founded in 2004. They were the main force behind the restoration of the garden and the monument in 2003-2004. The committee included ordinary citizens, companies, cultural institutions and diplomatic missions. Thanks to their efforts the garden now boasts a Wi-Fi zone, Halloween and Christmas parties and open air classical music concerts.