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Dragan Tsankov Bouleverd

Attraction type: Transport points

Dragan Tsvetkov Boulevard is a large boulevard in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia. The boulevard goes next to Tsarigradsko shoes, allowing some of the cars for the southern districts to be channeled directly and decrease the hevy traffic on Tsarigradsko shoes.

The boulevard is named after the Bulgarian politician Dragan Tsankov. It lies between the intersection with the Evlogi Georgiev Boulevard and the junction with G. M. Dimitrov Boulevard.

Several landmarks line the boulevard, such as the Bulgarian National Radio, the World Trade Center – Interpred, the Russian embassy, the Edifice of Transport Police, the Firs Investment Bank headquarters,  the Faculty of Biology of the Sofia University, the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, the Sofia Regional Court and the TV Tower in The Borisova Gradina which located right at the junction of Dragan Tsankov Boulevard and Peyo Yavorov Boulevard.

Along some parts of the boulevard runs a surface line of the Sofia Metro. The line goes out on the service right after the World Trade Center and goes back in at the metro station next to Sofia Technical University.

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