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“Krasna Polyana” Karting Track

Attraction type: Entertainment
Address: 3A Vardar Blvd., Krasna polyana quarter
Phone: 00359 2 920 14 47
Fax: 00359 2 73 25 30
Work time:

The track is open every day:
in the summer period
from 09:00 to 21:00
in the winter period
from 10:00 to 18:00

The Karting track in “Krasna Polyana” is owned by “Karting Sport” Ltd. The company main activities are: organization of sports games and entertainment with karts; karing races organized jointly with the Bulgarian Karting Federation; kart rentals; Promotions, meetings and exhibitions of auto and motor products and accessories; Sale of go karts, spare parts and accessories.

The track is from 650 to 1083 meters long depending on the chosen configuration. The track has stalls for race setups and lighting.

The go karts are:

  • Engine: HONDA GX 200 RH (single cylinder, 4-stroke, 200 cm3, power 6.5 hp) or HONDA GX 160 RH (power 6.5 hp )
  • Clutch: Centrifugal, oil
  • Rama: CR-MO, diameter – 32 or 34 mm.

The whole karting track may be rented under separate agreement for one hour or one day in case of promotions, amateur racing, celebrations, games, entertainment, etc. Rental of the track for professional racing is subject to coordination with the Bulgarian Karting Federation.

“Krasna Polyana” Karting Track - Price list

Price for one lap with a hired kart is 2 Bulgarian Levs.

“Krasna Polyana” Karting Track - Promo

Hiring of a kart for 10 laps gives the client a bonus of 1 free lap.

“Krasna Polyana” Karting Track - Notes

Karts may be hired by clients over the age of 8 years.