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Lions’ Bridge Sofia

Attraction type: Architecture
Address: The junction of Maria Louise and Slivnitsa Boulevards

Lions’ Bridge in Sofia (also known as “Lavov Most”) is the bridge over Vladaya River in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is located at the junction of Maria Louise and Slivnitsa Boulevards, and derives its name from the four prominent lions made of bronze at each end of the bridge.

All metal elements of the bridge were produced by the Austrian company of Rudolph Philipp Waagner, and electric lights were installed in the early 1900s. The entire construction of the bridge costed 260 000 golden leva.

The Bridge connects the Central Railway Station in the north of the city with such well-known tourist attractions as St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the National Assembly of Bulgaria building,TZUM Central department Store, and Saints Cyril and Methodius National Library.

Many four and five-star Sofia hotels are located within just a few minutes drive of the Bridge. But the ones that are located in a close proximity to the bridge are mainly discount hotels in Sofia and hostels.


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