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The bridge of the lovers

Attraction type: Architecture
Address: Between NDK and Hilton hotel

The pedestrian bridge in the city center next to National palace of Culture has actually no name, but has always been known as The Bridge of the Lovers. That is because it was commonly used place for meetings of young people in love.

They are sitting above one of the busiest crossroads in the city while enjoying the colors of the sunset going down behind the Vitosha Mountain. This bridge easily becomes one of the tourist’s favorite spots when there is an open air gallery. Above the heavy traffic nice photographic exhibitions and sometimes festivals take place.

No matter if you are just willing to pass across the street, want to enjoy some art, trying to ignore the rush hour by looking at the mountain, or came precisely for the busy street (this is quite an attraction for some people from the Province), this is the best place to do that. The combination of all these different plug-ins makes the place even more special.