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Military Academy Park

Attraction type: Parks & gardens
Address: 82 Evlogi Georgiev Blvd., Sofia
Work time:

Monday - Sunday
07:30 – 20:30

This park used to be closed for the public, because it is a part of the Military Academy complex G. S. Rakovski. However, in 2011 they allowed the access for regular visitors and now this is one of the quietest parks in the city.

The Military Academy Park is quite big and incredibly green with some unique tree species brought from different foreign countries. There is a beautifully decorated pavilion and a small amphitheater where they organize open-air performances during the summer. Imagine a warm summer evening, the smell of flowers and a beautiful opera for a very limited audience.

If you go further up, you would also be able to take a glimpse at the imposing building of the Military Academy – it looks almost like a medieval fortress. The fence is made out of 1895 rifle barrels. Some of the highlights of the park, like the pond, still need some restoration.

Security is still a bit tight- no bikes, no dogs, no smoking, no drinks are allowed. And note: this park has working hours. Make sure you respect them; otherwise you may be fined or at least would have to jump through fences in order to get out.