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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Attraction type: Government buildings
Address: 2, Aleksandar Zhendov Str., Sofia
Phone: 00359 948 29 99
Email: consular@mfa.bg

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is an institution in the central state administration that carries out the foreign policy of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The activities of the Ministry are based on the Constitution and the laws of the country and are in accordance with the principles and norms of international law and the international treaties to which the Republic of Bulgaria is a party.

Nickolay Evtimov Mladenov was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria by the 41st National Assembly on January 27th 2010.

The Ministry implements the priorities of the government’s foreign policy program.

The main functions of the Ministry are the following:
•    to plan, prepare, and implement the foreign policy of the Republic of Bulgaria through diplomatic means;
•    to ensure the maintenance and development of the political dialogue and cooperation of the country with other states in the economic, financial, cultural, and scientific fields; to develop the diplomatic and consular relations of the Republic of Bulgaria with other nations;
•    to ensure representation for the Republic of Bulgaria in international governmental organisations in which she is a member of or participates with a designated status;
•    to coordinate the activities related to other ministries and departments abroad;
•    to ensure the maintenance of official and working contacts with international diplomatic and consular representations and missions accredited to the Republic of Bulgaria;
•    to coordinate and participate in the preparation, formation, and implementation of international treaties;
•    to regulate the implementation of the international legal obligations of the Republic of Bulgaria to other states and international organisations;
•    to coordinate and ensure the participation of Bulgarian representatives in the work of international diplomatic and other conferences;
•    to ensure the protection of the rights and interests of the Bulgarian state and the Bulgarian citizens and legal persons abroad;
•    to implement activities aimed at the conservation of the Bulgarian cultural and historical heritage and the monuments and memorials abroad;
•    to assist the activities of Bulgarian institutions abroad in the science, education, culture, and information fields;
•    to protect the rights and freedoms of persons belonging to the Bulgarian communities and minorities in accordance with the international legal norms in this regard and the interests of the country;
•    to carry out coordination in the foreign policy field between departments by cooperating with other state authorities in the realisation of their international activities; by coordinating the visits of state and governmental delegations of the high and highest level in the Republic of Bulgaria and abroad; by participating in the preparation and implementation of such visits; by cooperating with other ministries and agencies on issues related to the international cooperation realised by them;
•    to ensure the leadership and control of the overall activities related to the participation of the Republic of Bulgaria in the decision-making process of the European Union (EU) and its activities.