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Palace of Justice in Sofia

Attraction type: Government buildings
Address: 2 Vitosha Blvd., Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: +35929871734
Fax: +35929888034
Email: anikova@vks.bg

The edifice of the Palace of Justice, being among the most remarkable buildings downtown in the city of Sofia, is situated in the beginning of the pivotal boulevard named “Vitosha”.

Untill the establishment of the modern capital center, the Palace of Justice remains the biggest national civil architectural monument of well preserved grandeur and unchanged initial purpose. Following the continuous construction between 1929 and 1940, the Palace of Justice in Sofia meets the immediate need of placing under one roof all courts of the capital city which have been previously scattered in private and unsuitable buildings and thus now is true temple of justice in Bulgaria.
Being a product of joint efforts of architects, engineers, masters and workers, construction enterprises and being erected using solely construction materials of Bulgarian origin, the Palace of Justice in Sofia, represents, from an architectural point of view, one of the monuments of Bulgarian construction art.

The Palace of Justice is one of the places where people meet each other befor going out. When you go there on a round hour you will see how many people are there just waiting for somebody. A few years ago they used to sit on the stairs before the Palace of Justice, but now there is a new fence that does not allow that in order for people that work and visit the palace to have better accces to the building.

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