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Pirotska street

Attraction type: Markets & shopping areas

Just across TZUM, Pirotska Str. is the first pedestrian shopping street in Sofia, and for that reason alone it is worth a visit. “Halite” the former food market is at the beginning of this street also has a variety of small shops on the upper level, in addition to the predominantly food oriented stalls on the ground floor.

This is one of the very few walking areas in Sofia. The entire street is covered with shops and you can find anything there.  The goods in shops are not very expensive and you can find everything from clothes and shoes to jewelery and goods for home. It also has a few cafes and fast food restaurants. It is centrally located and can be reached by tram, by metro, by bus or by trolley bus. You can go there using practically every kind of transport. If you dont go into the shops it will take you about 10 minutes to see it, and you will enjoy old houses in good condition, which gives the special atmosphere of that street. It is crowded most of the time, but it is an interesting street to visit.