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Roman wall Sofia

Attraction type: Ruins
Address: Stara Stena Str., Lozenets District

Roman wall in Sofia, also known as the old wall is not really Roman. It is a Ottoman construction. It is believed that it was built in the first centuries of Ottoman rule. It forms part of a small square building, whose purpose has several theories.

For the most reasonable assumption is believed that this is a tomb of a prominent Turkish building erected within the Turkish cemeteries, which were present before the liberation of the region. According to other information it is a “part of” namazgyaf “- where he served imam prayer for those who go for pilgrimage. End walls were lined large stones on which prospective pilgrims foot to get on their horses.”
Preserved wall is built with the typical Ottoman cell construction – stone in a rectangular box of bricks. In the wall there are two high Window openings, and between them, facing west, was built niche. At the top of the wall is a toothed cornice of brick.