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East Gate of Serdica Ruins

Attraction type: Ruins
Address: 2 Dondukov Blvd.

In the underpass between the Council of Ministers and the Presidency go downstairs and you will see the remains from the East Gate of Serdica. Here you will walk on original Roman street, covered by large stone plates.

According to the archeologists the street was lastly repaired in the 6th century. The gate was defended by two triangular towers – one at each of its sides. From here one of the most important Roman roads – Via Diagonalis or Via Militaris continued south-eastwards to the city of Philippopolis (present-day Plovdiv). In the underpass you should see the plan of Roman Serdica, hanging on the wall against the remains of the gate. From it you can receive a better orientation what you have seen from the ancient city and what is remaining to see.

If you have free time to spend while you are in the city center of Sofia, we suggest you to make a pleasant and relaxed walk, exploring the archeological monuments left to remind us about the glorious past of the Bulgarian capital – a proud successor of the large and important antique Thracian and Roman city of Serdica.