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Sveta Nedelya Ortodox Church

Attraction type: Architecture, Temples
Address: 20 Sveta Nedelya Sq.
Phone: 00359 2 987 57 48

Sveta Nedelya sq. is being considered the center of Sofia city. The church Sveta Nedelya lies directly above the ancient crossroads of Serdica (Sofia’s previous name).

This church is the direct successor of several smaller churches from medieval times.The theories say that in the beginning the church was built by wood and it had fundamentials made of stone. Later on the entire church was built by stone. But in 1925 it was destroyed by a bomb blast assassination attempt on Tsar Boris III. In this terrorist act set by the comunists. Over 200 people were killed, although the intended victim was spared. The current architecture and design date back to 1950 when the Comunist party decided to restore the church and rename it to Sveta Nedelya.

It was previously known as Holly King (Sveti kral) as the remains of the Serbian king Stephan Urosh II were kept in this church.

The beautifully preserved wood carved iconostasis dates back to 1865; the murals were added as late as 1976.

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