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Saint Sofia Statue

Attraction type: Monuments

If you happen to pass the Sofia city center, you will definitely notice the Statue of Saint Sofia standing on a column in the middle of a bussy crossroad. Her golden face look upon the Batemberg square, where TZUM, The presidensy and the Government houses are situated.

The 24 meter high bronze statue was designed by the local sculptor George Chapkanov and replaced the statue of Vladimir Ilich Lenin that was on the same spot (the square was also named Lenin at that time). This is the newest statue in Sofia and it is a nice thing to see when you go sightseeing in Sofia. She stands on a place where the old culture meets the modern lifestyle.

It’s a symbol of the city because St. Sofia is city’s patron. Sofia means “wisdom” in greek – that’s why she hold a an owl in her left hand, a symbol of wisdom. In her right hand she holds a laurel wreath – a powerfull symbol  for greeks and romans meaning peace, success, reputation etc.