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The Council of Ministers building

Attraction type: Government buildings
Address: 1 Dondukov Blvd., 1594 Sofia
Phone: 00359 (2) 940 27 70
Mobile: 00359 (2) 940 29 99
Fax: 00359 (2) 980 20 56
Email: gis@government.bg

The Council of Ministers building is where the Bulgarian government meets every week and where the Bulgarian prime-minister is working. The prime-minister office’s windows are facing the Presidency which outstands on 100 meters from the Government building.

The building is a part of the so called Largo architectural complex. The complex consists of a square called Independance square, surrounded by 3-lane yellow-cobblestoned roads, and 3 imposing classic style edifices, fine examples of the architectural from the Socialism period, are situated gracefully. The one on the left side is housing Central Shopping Center (TZUM) and the Consil of ministers offices, the one on the right is the Presidency and Sheraton Hotel, and the one in the middle is the former comunist Party House. Between the road lanes there is a lawn, where you can see the flags of all NATO member states.