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Trakia Highway

Attraction type: Transport points

The Trakia highway or Thrace motorway, is a highway currently in construction in Bulgaria. It is planned to connect the capital of Sofia with Burgas and the Black Sea through the second-largest city of Plovdiv.

The highway is named after the historical region of Thrace, the northern part of which it runs through. The Trakia highway’s planned length of 360 km is almost constructed.

As of 2012, 49 km are in construction and 311 km in operation. The part in operation is divided into two sections – the first linking Sofia to Yambol (already done) and the second Burgas to Karnobat (scheduled for the end of September 2012).

A toll fee is to be collected from all vehicles, which is to be determined by the government. For the first year of operation it will be around 0.025 Euro/km.