Attractions in Sofia

When you are in Sofia go to see the local attractions and collect some good memories and a brief overview of Bulgarian history and culture. The city is one of the oldest in Europe. It was found on the site of a former Neolithic village in VIII BC. Its name comes from the Greek word “Sofia” which means wisdom. You can see many old buildings, old streets, monasteries and artifacts that are preserved to tell the story of the city. But Sofia is not all about ancient and medieval monuments. Today the image of Sofia is changing fast. There are many new attractions - modern buildings, parks, malls, museums, galleries, universities, etc. There are so many attractions on a walking distance in Sofia that you will be amazed by the short distances between them. As there are hundreds of attractions there is something for everyone. Please take a look at the list of local attractions that we have prepared for you.

Ariana Lake

Ariana lake a medium-sized artificial lake in Borisova gradina (Boris’ garden) in Sofia, Bulgaria. The lake is “B”-shaped, 175 m long and 75 m wide, with a small island at its narrowest point. It is located at the westernmost corner of the park, between the Eagles’ Bridge and the national stadium.

Location: East Region
Ariana Lake map. How to get to Ariana Lake in Sofia
National Art Gallery - Sofia Attractions

National Art Gallery

The National Art Gallery houses over 50,000 pieces of Bulgarian art. It is located on Battenberg Square in the capital city of Sofia, occupying most of the historic and imposing edifice of the former royal palace of Bulgaria.

Location: Downtown (East)
National Art Gallery map. How to get to National Art Gallery in Sofia

Diana National Sport Complex

Diana National Sport Complex is called by Sofia citizens ‘The Little Olympian’ for its variety of sports and services.The complex is used for carrying out camp-meetings of national and club teams of different sports.

Location: East Region
Diana National Sport Complex map. How to get to Diana National Sport Complex in Sofia

The former Communist Party House

The former Communist Party House /Bulgarian: Partien Dom/ is now used by the National Assembly of Bulgaria. Today the building is mainly used as Government offices and the splendid Sofia Hall is occasionally used for charity concerts.

Location: Downtown (West)
The former Communist Party House map. How to get to The former Communist Party House in Sofia

Institute of Archaeology & Museum

The Museum of Archaeology hosts the most numerous collections in Bulgaria and its exhibitions reveal it as one of the most important centers in the country for promotion of the cultural heritage of present day Bulgaria. Its academic and museum potential turns NIAM-BAS into the biggest research archaeological unit in southeast Europe.

Location: Downtown (West)
Institute of Archaeology & Museum map. How to get to Institute of Archaeology & Museum in Sofia

Sofia Art Gallery (City Gallery)

The Sofia Art Ggallery is a museum with longstanding traditions. Its role is to present the facts of Bulgarian cultural history in an analytical and modern way and to actively intervene in art developments by original and impressive projects.

Location: Downtown (East)
Sofia Art Gallery (City Gallery) map. How to get to Sofia Art Gallery (City Gallery) in Sofia

Pancharevo Lake

Lake Pancharevo is an artificial lake in western Bulgaria, at the end of the Pancharevo Gorge of the Iskar River, located at 600 m above sea level between the Vitosha and Lozenska mountains. The lake is located just 12 km away from Sofia, on the way to Borovets resort in Pancharevo quarter, in the suburbs of the capital city.

Location: Sofia surroundings
Pancharevo Lake map. How to get to Pancharevo Lake in Sofia

Sofia University Botanic Garden

This dream-place is hidden right in the city center. The botanic garden stays out of view as it is surrounded by the Foreign Art Gallery, the Journalist Faculty of Sofia University, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the main boulevard Vasil Levski and the entrance is trough a small flower shop.

Location: Downtown (East)
Sofia University Botanic Garden map. How to get to Sofia University Botanic Garden in Sofia

South Park Sofia

South Park in Sofia is one of the most beautiful and popular parks in Sofia. It has numerous cafes and places to eat, asphalt paths for walking and bicycle paths between trees suitable for extreme riding.

Location: South Region
South Park Sofia map. How to get to South Park Sofia in Sofia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is an institution in the central state administration that carries out the foreign policy of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The activities of the Ministry are based on the Constitution and the laws of the country and are in accordance with the principles and norms of international law and the international treaties to which the Republic of Bulgaria is a party.

Location: East Region
Ministry of Foreign Affairs map. How to get to Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sofia
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V Travel Guided Tours Bulgaria map. How to get to V Travel Guided Tours Bulgaria in Sofia

Vitosha Mountain National Park

Vitosha Mountain is the oldest nature park on the Balkan Peninsula. Its gorgeous silhouette is visible from almost all positions in the city and is inseparable part of Sofia’ image.

Location: South Region (Vitosha)
Vitosha Mountain National Park map. How to get to Vitosha Mountain National Park in Sofia

Military Academy Park

This park used to be closed for the public, because it is a part of the Military Academy complex G. S. Rakovski. However, in 2011 they allowed the access for regular visitors and now this is one of the quietest parks in the city.

Location: East Region
Military Academy Park map. How to get to Military Academy Park in Sofia

Inter Expo & Congress Center Sofia

Inaugurated in 2003 the Congress center completed the possibilities of the exhibition complex Inter Expo Center in Sofia for providing the business and public with professional conditions for exhibition participation as well as for organising different types of meetings and forums – congresses, conferences, pressconferences, general meetings, symposia, seminars, presentations, trainings, companies’ celebrations etc.

Location: Far east side of the city of Sofia
Inter Expo & Congress Center Sofia map. How to get to Inter Expo & Congress Center Sofia in Sofia

Han Asparuh Horse Base

National Horse Base “Khan Asparouh” is located in Sofia and covers a total area of 110 decares.The complex offers three stables for 137 sports horses, three sand manoeuvering grounds and one grass manouevering ground. The equipment meets all the requirements of the International Federation.

Location: South Region
Han Asparuh Horse Base map. How to get to Han Asparuh Horse Base in Sofia

Alexander Nevsky Crypt Icon museum

In the construction of St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral they planned the ground floor be a tomb for the Bulgarian kings. But none of the kigs was buried there. Therefore in 1965 the space under the church was converted into a branch of art National Art Gallery for Orthodox art .

Location: Downtown (East)
Alexander Nevsky Crypt Icon museum map. How to get to Alexander Nevsky Crypt Icon museum in Sofia

Universiada Sports Hall

Down along Tsar Ivan Asen II Street one reaches Universiada Hall – a multifunctional hall disposing about 3,000 seats and over 1,500 square meters exhibition space.

Location: East Region
Universiada Sports Hall map. How to get to Universiada Sports Hall in Sofia

The Synagogue of Sofia

The Central Synagogue of Sofia has justly been described as the pride of all Bulgarian Jewry. It has symbolized the Jewish community of Bulgaria for almost a century. It is the second largest Sephardic (Spanish-Jewish) synagogue in Europe.

Location: Downtown (West)
The Synagogue of Sofia map. How to get to The Synagogue of Sofia in Sofia

Sofia Airport Terminal 1

Sofia Airport is located approximately 8 kilometers east from the city center. There are two terminals – Terminals 1 and 2. Terminal 1 is also known as the “Old Airport” as before there was Terminal 2 the building was the main airport for Sofia city. When the modern Terminal 2 was built, the “old airport” started handling mostly domestic flights and low-cost airline companies.

Location: Far east side of the city of Sofia
Sofia Airport Terminal 1 map. How to get to Sofia Airport Terminal 1 in Sofia
St. Sedmochislenitsi Church Sofia

Sveti Sedmochislenitsi Church

Looking at the pretty church that stands in the middle of the park, it is not obvious that this was once a mosque. It’s current name is in reference to Sofia being liberated on the feast day of one of the Holy Seven Saints: Sveti Naum.

Location: Downtown (South)
Sveti Sedmochislenitsi Church map. How to get to Sveti Sedmochislenitsi Church in Sofia

Art Street Samuil

There is a quiet street in Sofia that hosts many art galleries and museums. The place has attracted many artists and business owners and formed a community of people who really care about art. This is one of the places that you really must see if you would like to buy some paintings, sculptures and art. Even if you are not planning to buy it is still a place that you might find the place interesting to see.

Location: Downtown (West)
Art Street Samuil map. How to get to Art Street Samuil in Sofia

“Sofia” Sports Hall

“Sofia” Sports Hall is the best place for conducting aesthetic gymnastics competitions or table tennis, aerobics, badminton, fencing or sumo sports events.

Location: East Region
“Sofia” Sports Hall map. How to get to “Sofia” Sports Hall in Sofia

Vitosha Boulevard

Vitosha Blvd. is Sofia’s main shopping street. The retail outlets of many western brand names are concentrated on the stretch between Patriarch Eftimii Blvd. and St. Nedelya Square (Sheraton Hotel). This is in general an expensive shopping area.

Location: Downtown (South)
Vitosha Boulevard map. How to get to Vitosha Boulevard in Sofia

Bulgarian National Bank (BNB)

The Bulgarian National Bank is one of the oldest national institutions established right after the restoration of the Bulgarian state, on January 25, 1879, and on 6 of June of the same year the first banking operation was conducted.

Location: Downtown (West)
Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) map. How to get to Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) in Sofia

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