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Parks & gardens in Sofia


City Garden

Take a break from pounding the city streets and rest up in the leafy Sofia City Garden, with its cafés, swings, flowerbeds and lovely fountain, where old men gather to play chess.

Location: Downtown (East)
City Garden map. How to get to City Garden in Sofia

Borisova gradina

Borisova gradina or Knyaz-Borisova gradina translated as Boris’ Garden or Knyaz Boris’ Garden is the oldest and best known park in Sofia. It is certainly well worth a wander, especially to escape from the ubiquitous infernal-combusting engined machines for a short while.

Location: East Region
Borisova gradina map. How to get to Borisova gradina in Sofia

Sofia University Botanic Garden

This dream-place is hidden right in the city center. The botanic garden stays out of view as it is surrounded by the Foreign Art Gallery, the Journalist Faculty of Sofia University, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the main boulevard Vasil Levski and the entrance is trough a small flower shop.

Location: Downtown (East)
Sofia University Botanic Garden map. How to get to Sofia University Botanic Garden in Sofia

South Park Sofia

South Park in Sofia is one of the most beautiful and popular parks in Sofia. It has numerous cafes and places to eat, asphalt paths for walking and bicycle paths between trees suitable for extreme riding.

Location: South Region
South Park Sofia map. How to get to South Park Sofia in Sofia

Vitosha Mountain National Park

Vitosha Mountain is the oldest nature park on the Balkan Peninsula. Its gorgeous silhouette is visible from almost all positions in the city and is inseparable part of Sofia’ image.

Location: South Region (Vitosha)
Vitosha Mountain National Park map. How to get to Vitosha Mountain National Park in Sofia

Military Academy Park

This park used to be closed for the public, because it is a part of the Military Academy complex G. S. Rakovski. However, in 2011 they allowed the access for regular visitors and now this is one of the quietest parks in the city.

Location: East Region
Military Academy Park map. How to get to Military Academy Park in Sofia

Park “Geo Milev”

Geo Milev Park is located in the neighborhood carrying the same name. The district is located just 3 kilometers away from Sofia downtown. The proximity to Boris’ garden and Geo Milev Park makes the neighborhood one of the preferred Sofia regions.

Location: East Region
Park “Geo Milev” map. How to get to Park “Geo Milev” in Sofia

Doctor’s garden

It is a small park, with old trees and a playground. The monument in its centre looks simple, with chipped stones and solid geometrical forms. Only when you get closer and really look at it can you see that there are names on the stones – hundreds of names. Those are the names of 531 doctors and nurses, all of them Russian medical workers who died in the 1877-8 Russo-Turkish War which liberated Bulgaria from Ottoman rule.

Location: Downtown (East)
Doctor’s garden map. How to get to Doctor’s garden in Sofia

Park Zaimov

“Zaimov” is a park in Sofia, which is named after General Vladimir Zaimov. The Sofia Theatre, the theater workshop “Sfumato” and the District health center are located at the borders of the park.

Location: East Region
Park Zaimov map. How to get to Park Zaimov in Sofia

The Garden in front of Central Bath

Next to TZUM Shopping center and right infornt of the Central Bath there is a nice garden with a fountain and benches. You can sit there and enjoy the local atmosphere while looking at the Central Market Hall (Halite), Banya Bashi mosque and the nearby tapped mineral springs.

Location: Downtown (West)
The Garden in front of Central Bath map. How to get to The Garden in front of Central Bath in Sofia

The garden infront of Crystal

At the opposite corner to the Russian church is where the garden in front of ‘Crystal’ is located, a popular place for fixing informal appointments.

Location: Downtown (East)
The garden infront of Crystal map. How to get to The garden infront of Crystal in Sofia

West park Sofia

Western park is one of the big Sofia parks, however due to it’s location it is not well known among the tourists.

Location: West region
West park Sofia map. How to get to West park Sofia in Sofia