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Ruins in Sofia


“St. George” Rotunda

Hidden away in a courtyard of the Presidency and the dainty Sheraton Hotel, amid remains of the ancient town of Serdica, rises the famous Roman Rotunda, a red-brick building transformed into the present day St. George Church. The Roman Rotunda /the church “St. George”/ is the oldest preserved structure which still serves its original purpose in the Sofia city.

Location: Downtown (West)
“St. George” Rotunda map. How to get to “St. George” Rotunda in Sofia

Doctor’s garden

It is a small park, with old trees and a playground. The monument in its centre looks simple, with chipped stones and solid geometrical forms. Only when you get closer and really look at it can you see that there are names on the stones – hundreds of names. Those are the names of 531 doctors and nurses, all of them Russian medical workers who died in the 1877-8 Russo-Turkish War which liberated Bulgaria from Ottoman rule.

Location: Downtown (East)
Doctor’s garden map. How to get to Doctor’s garden in Sofia

East Gate of Serdica Ruins

In the underpass between the Council of Ministers and the Presidency go downstairs and you will see the remains from the East Gate of Serdica. Here you will walk on original Roman street, covered by large stone plates.

Location: Downtown (West)
East Gate of Serdica Ruins map. How to get to East Gate of Serdica Ruins in Sofia

Roman wall Sofia

Roman wall in Sofia, also known as the old wall is not really Roman. It is a Ottoman construction. It is believed that it was built in the first centuries of Ottoman rule. It forms part of a small square building, whose purpose has several theories.

Location: East Region
Roman wall Sofia map. How to get to Roman wall Sofia in Sofia