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Transport points


Sofia Airport Terminal 2 (SOF)

Terminal 2 was officially opened on 27 December 2006 with the symbolic arrival of Bulgaria Air flight FB 408 from Brussels. The modern architectural design is resembling a spaceship landed amid the Sofia plain.

Location: Far east side of the city of Sofia
Sofia Airport Terminal 2 (SOF) map. How to get to Sofia Airport Terminal 2 (SOF) in Sofia

Central Bus Station

The Central Bus Station in Sofia, Bulgaria, is a busy national and regional road transport hub, with tens of thousands travellers passing through each week. Bus companies from throughout Europe operate services through the station, reaching destinations in every corner of the continent, from Alicante to Zurich. The station is open seven days a week, 24hours a day.

Location: Central Railway Station
Central Bus Station map. How to get to Central Bus Station in Sofia

Sofia Airport Terminal 1

Sofia Airport is located approximately 8 kilometers east from the city center. There are two terminals – Terminals 1 and 2. Terminal 1 is also known as the “Old Airport” as before there was Terminal 2 the building was the main airport for Sofia city. When the modern Terminal 2 was built, the “old airport” started handling mostly domestic flights and low-cost airline companies.

Location: Far east side of the city of Sofia
Sofia Airport Terminal 1 map. How to get to Sofia Airport Terminal 1 in Sofia

Central Railway Station of Sofia

Central Railway Station of Sofia is the stopping point for most people travelling to Sofia by train. It is the city’s main passenger railway station, and the largest one in the country. The train station is located at Knyaginya Maria Louise Blvd. on your way to Sofia city centre you will pass by the famous Lions bridge.

Location: Central Railway Station Area
Central Railway Station of Sofia map. How to get to Central Railway Station of Sofia in Sofia

Tsar Osvoboditel Boulevard

Tsar Osvoboditel Boulevard which means Tsar Liberator Boulevard is a boulevard in the very heart of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. It is Sofia’s most central area and many government institutions and points of interest are located on this boulevard.

Location: Downtown (East)
Tsar Osvoboditel Boulevard map. How to get to Tsar Osvoboditel Boulevard in Sofia

Tsarigradsko shose

Tsarigradsko shose literally means “Road to Tsarigrad (Istanbul)” is the largest boulevard in Sofia.

Location: East Region
Tsarigradsko shose map. How to get to Tsarigradsko shose in Sofia

Sofia Ring Road

The Sofia ring road is an important thoroughfare surrounding Sofia. The Ring road is around 60 km long and it is currently going under several stages of reconstruction. The newest parts of the ring road are on the south side of Sofia at the foothills of Vitosha Mountin. The so called South Arch is connecting Boyana, Dragalevtsi, Simeonovo and Mladost districts.

Location: Sofia Surroundings
Sofia Ring Road map. How to get to Sofia Ring Road in Sofia

Todor Alexandrov Boulevard

Todor Alexandrov is one of the main boulevards in Sofia. It starts at the city center at the Sheraton hotel and it goes west at the direction of Lyulin districts. There are 10 districts (Lyulin 1, Lyulin 2… Lyulin 10) and this is one of the biggest residential areas. Combined Lyulins are being considered a “city within the city” and Todor Alexandrov Boulevard is the main road used by all Lyulin citizens to go to work at the Sofia center.

Location: West Region
Todor Alexandrov Boulevard map. How to get to Todor Alexandrov Boulevard in Sofia

“Pette kiosheta” (The five corners)

The Five corners is one of the biggest and more famous crossroads in Sofia. His name comes from the fact that the roads that are gathering at this place are forming five corners.

Location: Downtown (South)
“Pette kiosheta” (The five corners) map. How to get to “Pette kiosheta” (The five corners) in Sofia

Bulgaria boulevard

This boulevard is very important as the head of the state and the prime-minister use it to go from Boyana/ Bankya to the government headquarters in the center of Sofia.

Location: South Region
Bulgaria boulevard map. How to get to Bulgaria boulevard in Sofia

Cherni Vrah Boulevard

Cherni vrah Boulevard starts near the National Palace of Culture, right at the intersection with Bulgaria Boulevard and goes straight southt to the Vitosha Mountain and Dragalevtsi. The boulevard is named after the highest peack in Vitosha Mountain – Cherni vrah (Black Peack).

Location: South Region
Cherni Vrah Boulevard map. How to get to Cherni Vrah Boulevard in Sofia

Tsar Boris III Boulevard

Tsar Boris III Boulevard is the main road that goes south-west at the direction of the city of Pernik. This actually is the old road to Pernik as since Lyulin highway was released the traffic at Tsar Boris III Boulevard significantly decreased.

Location: South West Region
Tsar Boris III Boulevard map. How to get to Tsar Boris III Boulevard in Sofia

Trakia Highway

The Trakia highway or Thrace motorway, is a highway currently in construction in Bulgaria. It is planned to connect the capital of Sofia with Burgas and the Black Sea through the second-largest city of Plovdiv.

Location: Sofia Surroundings
Trakia Highway map. How to get to Trakia Highway in Sofia

Botevgradsko shose Blvd.

Botevgradsko Shose Boulevard means the “road to Botevgrad”. This road is one of the main transportation hubs as it connects with Hemus highway and it is connecting Sofia to Northern Bulgaria.

Location: East Region
Botevgradsko shose Blvd. map. How to get to Botevgradsko shose Blvd. in Sofia

Dragan Tsankov Bouleverd

Dragan Tsvetkov Boulevard is a large boulevard in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia. The boulevard goes next to Tsarigradsko shoes, allowing some of the cars for the southern districts to be channeled directly and decrease the hevy traffic on Tsarigradsko shoes.

Location: East Region
Dragan Tsankov Bouleverd map. How to get to Dragan Tsankov Bouleverd in Sofia