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Green Taxi

Address: Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
Phone: 00359 810810
Mobile: 00359 878332810
Fax: 00359 2 843 02 07
Email: office@greentaxi.bg
Work time:

24 / 7 / 365

The company is offering taxi services for the city of Sofia, by simply using exclusively Eco-friendly cars – hybrids or full-powered electric motor. That is why, the company has chosen Toyota Prius as the main vehicle for taxi services.

The car is one of the most environmentally friendly cars in the world, a symbol of hybrid technology developed by Toyota more than 10 years now and not accidentally environmentalist’s favorite car.

With this approach the company “Green Taxi” Ltd. gives a serious application development for green business and looking for a place in the group of the green companies in Bulgaria and Europe, the company also claims to have made the first step towards the future in the taxi services to achieve environmental and sustainable urban public transport.

This is an example of Eco-business and a clear message to other municipalities in Bulgaria and Europe!