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Yellow 333 Taxi

Travel with pleasure!
Address: 112 A Opalchenska Str. , Sofia
Phone: 00359 2 931 19 52
Mobile: 088 / 1219 (MTel only)
Work time:

24 / 7 / 365

Company “Yellow 333” AD was founded in 1999. For the years of its existence fared as best taxi company in Sofia. Today “Yellow 333” AD has one of the largest taxi fleet with cars, caring for fast transportation and convenience of its customers. The company managed to become the market leader and the preferred brand from its customers.

To order a taxi in Sofia:

After a call in our dispatch center your order will be processed with the help of an automated GPS system.
If you’ve already used our services you will need only to confirm the direction of your journey.

If you have not ordered from us, our dispatchers will ask you for the exact address or the location where you are.

Call back service – RING BACK, allows our drivers to inform their clients when they have reached the address. Of course this happens because of the GPS system Autocab.

The number 403 9119 will be shown on your phone. No need to pick up the phone.
For fixed phones will hear a recorded message in English.
If you expect only call for the taxi, again there is no need to pick up the phone

* To improve the service all calls are recorded.


Whenever possible, book a taxi by phone. This saves you just from a little everyday stress because:

  • If our driver finds forgotten luggage, we will contact you to get it back
  • If the driver or the dispatcher treated you impolite, we will take necessary measures after your signal
  • By phone you can ask to send you a smoker or non-smoker driver and this will happen, but on the street – it is unknown.

When ordering a taxi:

  • Try to give most accurate information about where you are. Very often clients only tell us the name of a restaurant (they change three times per year) or name of a new building.
  • It is good to tell us correct direction. For example, instead of center – 2 Sveta Sunday Square . So the driver will determine the way to there, before picking you.
  • In heavy traffic addresses are performed much more difficult. Our commitment is within 7 to 10 minutes to call you and warn that there will be more delay. You will decide whether to wait more or not.
  • In our Call center all the dispatchers have the necessary qualifications and experience.


The company motto is “Travel with pleasure!”

Let’s make this happen!