Price for transportation from Sofia Airport to hotel

How much will a taxi cost from Sofia Airport to my hotel?
The distance between Sofia Airport and Sofia center is about 10 kilometers. There aren’t many traffic lights until you reach the center, so there wouldn’t be a big waiting fee. You can expect a bill of 8 to 10 leva (4-5 EUR) for a hotel that is located in the center.  The taxi price might be a bit higher if you get stuck into a traffic jam.

For hotels that are located in the eastern region of Sofia, the price will be between 4 and 8 leva (2 – 4 EUR). For hotels located at the South region of Sofia the taxi services will cost 10 – 15 leva (5 – 7.5 EUR) and if the taxi driver goes trough the center, the price might go higher as 20 – 25 leva. Western and Northern region hotels, you might expect a bill of 20 – 25 leva.
*Have in mind that those taxi prices are approximate. The real price is being calculated by the particular taxi rate, the exact location of the hotel, the traffic, day or night rate, etc. The prices are just provided so that you know what to expect. Have in mind that there is no “Flat rate fee” have in mind this is a scam. Click here to check how you can avoid taxi scam in Sofia.

Shuttle services from Sofia Airport Terminal 1 to your hotel 

At Sofia Airport Terminal 1 there is a company that provides shuttle service from the airport to your hotel for a fixed rate of 3 EUR. The transportation is with a van and the van goes as soon as there are enough passengers. You might have to wait 10 to 20 minutes before you go, but that should be affordable and safe transfer to your hotel so it is worth waiting.

How much will a taxi cost from Sofia Airport or Central Railway station or Central Bus Station?

Based on the distance, the traffic and the route the driver has chosen you can expect a taxi bill of 10 to 15 leva from Sofia Airport to the Central Railway Station. The Central Bus Station is next to the Railway Station so the price is the same.

How much a taxi services will cost from the central railway station (Central bus station) to my hotel?

If your hotel is in the center you can expect to pay about 8 – 10 leva (4-5 EUR) for a taxi ride to the hotel. Other regions might cost 10 – 20 leva (5-10 EUR). And if your hotel is near the Central railway station the price could be just 3-4 leva (1.5 -2 EUR).

Out of 4800 taxis in Sofia there are 100 that might overcharge you and big part of them are located at the central railway station. Please check this guide to avoid taxi scam in Sofia.

What is the price for a taxi service in Sofia between different districts?
The regular distances in Sofia are between 5 and 20 km, and you should expect to spend at least 5-10 or even more minutes waiting in the traffic. The price of a regular taxi service should come to 4-5 leva at the short distances (5-6 km), about 8-10 leva for mid-range distances (10-15 km.) and 15 – 20 leva for farer destinations (20+). If you are traveling during the night add a few leva on top of these prices as the night time fee is a bit more expensive.


The price consists of four/five elements and it is being calculated automatically by a taxi meter in the cab. Each company defines their own pricing, so that is why the prices vary, but in general the taxi prices in Sofia are:

  • Initial Charge: 0.60 – 0.70 lv. (0.30 – 0.35 EUR)
  • Daytime rate per kilometer (6am – 10pm): 0.59 – 0.79 lv. (0.30 – 0.40 EUR per km)
  • Nighttime rate per kilometer (10pm – 6am): 0.70 – 0.80 lv. (0.35 – 0.40 EUR per km)
  • Waiting rate: 0.18 lv. per minute (0.09 EUR / min.)
  • Call-out charge: 0.50 lv. (0.25 – 0.30 EUR)

Make sure that you check the prices of a particular taxi BEFORE you enter the car to avoid taxi scams.