Taxi Services in Sofia & Pricing

There are 4800 taxis in Sofia. Most of them are working for several big taxi companies such as: OK SuperTrans, 91280, Taxi-S-Express, SoFIATaxi, Taxi for 1 Euro, Taxi for $1, Omega Trans, Green Taxi, etc. There are a lot of small companies and some stand-alone drivers registered as companies.All taxi cars in Bulgaria should be marked as such. By law the cars should be yellow, however there are some exceptions – some of them are golden and there is a new Nature-friendly taxi company in Sofia called Green Taxi – driving green colored Toyota Prius hybrid cars with free Wi-Fi Internet access in the car.

All taxi cars should have taxi meter which calculates the price of the transportation. The driver should turn the meter on as soon as he starts the engine. If the driver “forgets” to do that, kindly remind him to turn it on. Taking a cab without a meter is not in your favor. The driver will calculate the price based on his own judgment and the fact that you are a foreigner and will wan a lot more money then usual.

Please check our section for Taxi scams so that you avoid such in Sofia.

Taxi prices in Sofia

In general taxi services in Bulgaria are very cheap in comparison to other EU countries. The price consists of four/five elements and it is being calculated automatically by a taxi meter in the cab. Each company defines their own pricing, so that is why the prices vary, but in general the taxi prices in Sofia are:

  • Initial Charge: 0.60 – 0.90 lv. (0.30 – 0.45 EUR)
  • Daytime rate per kilometer (6am – 10pm): 0.69 – 0.90 lv. (0.35 – 0.45 EUR per km)
  • Nighttime rate per kilometer (10pm – 6am): 0.70 – 0.99 lv. (0.35 – 0.50 EUR per km)
  • Waiting rate: 0.24 lv. per minute (0.12 EUR / min.)
  • Call-out charge: 0.90 lv. (0.25 – 0.45 EUR)

Make sure that you check the prices of a particular taxi BEFORE you enter the car to avoid taxi scams.

The regular distances in Sofia are between 5 and 20 km, and you should expect to spend at least 5-10 or even more minutes waiting in the traffic. The price of a regular taxi service should come to 5-7 leva at the short distances (5-6 km), about 10 leva for mid-range distances (10-15 km.) and 15 – 20 leva for farer destinations (20+). If you are traveling during the night add a few leva on top of these prices as the night time fee is a bit more expensive.