Travel to Sofia

There are many ways to reach Sofia. Most of the tourists are coming by an airplane or by bus, and just some small percentage is coming by train or car.

If you would like to travel to Sofia you might want to check which airlines are flying to Sofia and Bulgaria in general.

  • From Russia to Bulgaria you might use Aeroflot
  • From Italia to Bulgaria fly with Alitalia
  • You can get from  Great Britain to Bulgaria by using British Airways
  • Flying from Turkey to Bulgaria is easier with Turkish Airlines
  • From Wien to Sofia you can fly with Austrian Airlines
  • From Israel to Bulgaria you can use El Al
  • Air Malta is flying from Malta to Bulgaria
  • France to Bulgaria is serviced by Air France
  • From Quatar to Bulgaria you can get by using Quatar Airways
  • LOT Polish Airlines will get you from Poland to Bulgaria
  • Lufthansa will get you in Sofia from Germany
  • Bulgaria Air is flying to most of the major destinations including the ones listed above

The complete list of airlines flying to Bulgaria is available here.

When you get in Sofia by an airplane you will arrive at one of the two terminals of Sofia Airport (SOF). The complete information about Sofia Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 is available as an article here.

When you come to Sofia by train or bus you will arrive at the same location. The Central Train Station of Sofia, the Central Bus Station and the International Bus station are located next to each other.  From there you can use the public transportation system or you can get a taxi to your hotel or point of interest.

To get to Sofia by car you will enter the capital of Bulgaria trough one of four major routes. From Serbia you should cross the border at Kalotina then after 60 kilometers you will reach Sofia at its west end. Following “Slivnitsa” Blvd. you will get almost at the city center. In order to get to the center of Sofia you should make a right turn when you see the “Lions Bridge”.

Coming from Greece you will cross the border at Kulata and then you need to follow road E79 which continues as A3 highway.  There are two ways to enter Sofia from there: one is if you get out of the highway pass through Dragichevo village and enter Sofia by Tzar Boris III Blvd. which will get you straight to the city center, near the Court of Justice; the second route is if you follow the highway by the end, and turn right. You will enter Sofia by its west side pass the Lyulin neighborhoods, follow the main road “Tzaritsa Joanna” (a few kilometers after the same boulevard is named Todor Alexandrov Blvd.) it will get you straight to the city center at the so called Largo (The square between the Statue of St. Sophia and the buildings of the Presidency, the Consul of Ministers and the ex Communist party house).

From Romania (or if you came in Bulgaria by sea trough Varna) you will enter Sofia from north-east trough Hemus highway and Botevgradsko shose. Follow Botevgradsko shose until the end and you will get to the city center at a roundabout near Sofia University, the National Library and the Parliament of Bulgaria.

If you are traveling from Turkey (or you came by sea trough the city of Bourgas ) you will arrive to Sofia by using Trakya highway which turns into Tzarigradsko shose Blvd. Follow this boulevard and you will get to Sofia city center. Going straight you will pass next to Sofia University, the National Assembly of Bulgaria, the Military club, the Bulgarian National Bank and reach the so called Largo.